Apr 22

Day 22: Too Smart for the Room, Even in a Cafeteria

One time in high school, I ended up in a conversation among a teacher and a jock. The teacher gave me a snappy straight line, and I retorted with a witty cultural referenced that crossed a historical allusion with a literary reference.  I don’t remember what it was. I do remember the teacher laughed. The jock looked at me and asked nervously, “Are you on drugs?”

I didn’t do lots of drugs as a teen, and surely never at school. I thought he was joking…but his eyes revealed otherwise.  His real question was “Why are you fucking weird and why are you spouting nonsense?”

Because sometimes I have to remember the audience and play to it.  Sometimes I can’t just spout out random references in hybrid of Robin Williams playing Dennis Miller trying to wear himself out before a much needed nap.

So if you are confused my references…you are not the first.

I am off to JordanCon…which I also won’t explain.

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