Apr 25

Day 25: This Guy Had No Sense of Humor

One fine Navy Day on the beautiful Atlantic Shores of Spain, I lay on an exercise mat in the gym waiting to take my annual PT Test. That’s a fitness test, if you didn’t know, not a physical therapy test.

The senior chief running the event was not someone I knew well. He was old, even for a senior chief, and kind of pissed off at life.  You could see it in his brow, shoulders, and the way he seemed to hate everyone. Heck, across the room I should have been able to feel it. I didn’t.

He rattled off a list of age ranges and the appropriate number of sit-ups required for each to pass. I don’t know what they were … maybe 18-22 500 sit ups. That seems right to me at my current age, but I may be off by a couple of dozen. He reached “over 40:  3 sit ups” (how I remember it) and then asked if we had any questions.

I raised my hand, “What if you are 25, but look over 40?”

He glared. This was a man who did not get my charm. I was in hot water.

He never gave me an answer but watched me grind out every push-up, sit-up, and every inch of my running test.  Everyone else could have probably cheated while he was staring me down the rest of the test.

Because sometimes I forget everyone else is not looking for a laugh in all things.


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