Apr 28

Day 28: I have to constantly battle between proofreading and actually writing

3349699548_35ab9100fe_zI am a story teller brimming with tales I must get out.  I am not a typist or a keyboarder.  I am caught in a constant struggle between knowing I have interesting things to say, but my fingers fall short. So… what do I do?  Either I write a story to the best of my ability and ignore typos, or I give up, surrendering to proofreading and never post anything.

There is a real reason why I can’t proofread, and it is not laziness. It’s that I legitimately understand what I have written and look to the deeper truth behind the word. Words are only symbols for something else that is concrete, the bigger story. This happens with my writing and with my human interactions.

Know why I can be so patient with other people? Because I see the patterns and meanings and what is a greater truth than the stupid little inappropriate symbols and figurative typos of their lives. I have the talent to read through the errors to see a greater gestalt.

Know how I get myself in trouble?  Sometimes the devil is in the details I ignore and I ended up accepting, glossing over, forgiving when I should have caught the double negative, the bad comma usage, or the inappropriate tenses.

I have empathy for others trying to put together the right words but who can’t type. And that, of course, is some sort of metaphor, allegory, or self-importance. Take that as you want it.

Of course, all strengths come with weaknesses.  I think folks who can’t see past the details to see the greater whole of life and celebrate those with imperfections are basically a-holes.

Oh, and my personal pet peeve is someone who can’t tell the difference between bad typing and bad grammar. Literally or figuratively.

Last night, I solicited an external proofreader. May God have mercy on her soul.


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