Apr 13

Day 12 of Positive Impacts – My Dad’s Three Warnings

I have written somewhat about my relationship with my dad. The short-hand is Hank and Bobby Hill, if Hank had a brogue instead of a twang.  There is much more I can write about him, I am sure.  I just want to quickly lay down his three laws that he emphasized.

  • Never get behind the old guy in glasses and a 1950 styles hat driving in the left lane below the speed of traffic: you will never get around him once  you are there. (Take it as a metaphor and a huge clue to my driving style)
  • Never pull to an inside straight. (Oh, Daddy…I can honestly say my best successes and worst failures were both from ignoring this rule)
  • If you are ever going to serve in the military, choose the Navy.  They dropped us off on Normandy Beach and then went back to America. (I did serve in the Navy, no dropping troops off, except for exercises)

I want to note that my Dad did not land at D-Day.  He arrived at Normandy Beach later in the month, just as the Germans did.  It was not the same as D-Day, but it was not a good week.

He had other wisdom, but in my early 20s I condensed his wisdom down to these three axioms of greatest note.


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