Aug 13

The Nazis Were Never This Stupid

One day as a child, I was watching Hogan’s Heroes with my dad. He was laughing at the antics of the goofy Nazis and the way they were being played by Hogan and the gang. Suddenly, he stopped laughing and looked me in the eyes. “The Nazis weren’t stupid.” There was a chill to his voice that lingers with me.


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He knew Nazis. He had killed Nazis. They had tried mightily to kill him. He was at Normandy, The Bulge, Nordhausen. He was one of the first Americans to enter Germany. He had walked through concentration camps. He had seen their war machines, the precision of their troops, and the ferocity of their missiles.

The threat of the Nazis was the brilliance behind so much of what they did. It was evil genius, but genius nontheless. He said, “Don’t ever forget that.”

I can’t help thinking these guys in Virginia are boneheads. That doesn’t mean in the short run they aren’t dangerous, but in the long run…boneheads. I want to be afraid of them, but this is a small, sad band of relics.

Fight them by making lasting loving relations with people who are different than you. Fight them by making the world a better place despite them. Fight them by keeping your sense of humor, your trust in human dignity, and your willingness to never let ideology get in the way of being a loving soul and a force for awesome.

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