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Apr 03

Day 3 of Positive Impact: Greg Toft

There are critical conversations in our lives, and one of the most critical conversations in my life was with Fr. Greg Toft during my sophomore year of high school.  It was late in lent, and I had not yet had confession, so I stopped by the Catholic High School’s Chapel to get my soul clear …

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Apr 02

Day 2 of Positive Impacts – CTISC Mike

When I was a young sailor in the United States Navy, I was a good worker, but a lousy sailor. My home life was not great, and it was impinging on my mental and physical health.  I have a natural tendency to do things well with autonomy, and reacting badly to micro-management, the SOP for …

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Apr 01

Day 1 of Positive Impacts: My Mother

  Anna Carroll was born in 1920, in a far away land called Newark, New Jersey. Towards the end of seven children in a strongly Irish Catholic family, she grew up in faith and doubt. A cousin of mine once described Aunt Anna as “the pretty one” in the family, always garnering attention from boys. …

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Feb 27

What works for one…

When I was in my early 20s, I saw a doctor for weight loss. During my treatment, he directly told me I had a pathological and ingrain fear of success. For years I have mulled this over. What is success? What is fear?  What is fear of success? What is a successful fear?  What IS …

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Feb 19

S04E003: Videodrome and Project Cosplay

Seriously Dan Carroll and Mary Lou Who discuss a few topics such as defriending on Facebook and Facebook connecting to World of Warcraft. We  admit to some shallowness and move on.   Jessica Perlove and I introduce a new segment called Intown living. This week we talk about VIDEODROME, the store (not the amazing namesake movie), …

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Feb 12

Podcast S04 E002: Remembering Richard Hatch

We remember actor Richard Hatch, who passed away this past week. We talk about World of Warcraft Professions and additional content. Dan is EFFUSIVE in his praise for YouTube Creator BlueBear! Dan interviews and encourages Game Maker Chris Miller about his new game Collusion! It’s game of political intrigue and humor! Rita and JC De …

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Feb 01

Podcast S04 E001: Train Whistles and Comedy Shows

  We are back after a long delay.  Didja miss us? Didja notice? Topics for this week include: Once Upon a Time…”I only watched the first season.”  (I have watched it all) You’re the Worst…”It saved my life? Yep.” Magicians: Reign With Magic Why I was uncomfortable with Meg Ryan: she’s just so Dunwoody An …

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Nov 15

The Neighborhood Studios Offers New Classes For Voice Over!

Seriously, Dan is back! This episode I got to talk to Bob Carter, voice over/voice acting expert, about his amazing new production space/training space called “The Neighborhood.”  There is more specific information below, but give the podcast a listen. You cannot help but fall in love with this man’s voice!  Bob shares a lot of …

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Aug 24

The 36 Hour Rule

I want to tell you about the 36 Hour Rule: I often advise my friends in panic mode to wait 36 hours before reacting negatively. I call it the 36 Hour Rule.   As we get ready for the greatest Holiday in Atlanta, I want to point out two interesting news stories: Donald Glover has …

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Aug 02

Dan Carroll Announces That Seriously, Dan will Shut Down Late September

  I like writing headlines where I talk about myself in the third person. I have decided that Seriously, Dan…a brand that has been with me since 2012…will be retiring in September 2016. But, I will get through all those names who asked me to say something nice about them and will publish a podcast …

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