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May 01

Day 30: Reflections

April 2016 ends like it began: I am reflecting on those moments in life where I was taught humility, struggled with my own demons, and undermined my own success.  This is the end of 30 days of me sharing and evaluating my own weaknesses, failures, and missteps. The world is a bad place A bad …

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Apr 30

Day 29: Covet

I walked up to her when I was 16 years old in the Biology Lab of St. Thomas Aquinas High School.  It was a sunny fall day, and my mood was light.  I caught her attention with a “Hey,” then asked her the question,  “Are you an airhead or what? I hear you are an …

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Apr 28

Day 28: I have to constantly battle between proofreading and actually writing

I am a story teller brimming with tales I must get out.  I am not a typist or a keyboarder.  I am caught in a constant struggle between knowing I have interesting things to say, but my fingers fall short. So… what do I do?  Either I write a story to the best of my ability …

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Apr 27

Day 27: I ran with a rougher crowd than you might think

Yesterday in Las Vegas my childhood friend killed his wife, and then lead the police on a high-speed pursuit that ended in his suicide. I have nothing witty to say about this tragedy. We hadn’t stayed in touch but we had been friends in early grade school. Our school practiced a track system for lumping …

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Apr 26

Day 26: Green With Envy Because This Guy Wrote The Incredible Hulk (Envy)

I had a hard time coming up with an envy story.  This is the last of the seven deadly sins that I am writing about, and it’s the one that has the least hold on my life. I like to think I am not a “material guy,” but the truth is that I am not …

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Apr 25

Day 25: This Guy Had No Sense of Humor

One fine Navy Day on the beautiful Atlantic Shores of Spain, I lay on an exercise mat in the gym waiting to take my annual PT Test. That’s a fitness test, if you didn’t know, not a physical therapy test. The senior chief running the event was not someone I knew well. He was old, …

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Apr 24

Day 24: If it all blows up and goes to hell…Storytime

April is my month of awful. Every day I write about a stupid thing I have done, a lousy habit or pattern in my life, or some other area where I fail. To help with my focus I have wandered through the ten commandments and the seven deadly sins.I added a few other on off incidents in …

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Apr 23

Day 23: He just wants attention (So, why not give it to him?) Greed

I am not greedy for money. My relationship with money is wishy-washy. I am greedy for connection and attention. At a Wal-mart in Cordele, GA, I asked a couple if this was the correct road to get to the Okeefenokee swamp because the map was unclear, and GPS has not yet been put on my …

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Apr 22

Day 22: Too Smart for the Room, Even in a Cafeteria

One time in high school, I ended up in a conversation among a teacher and a jock. The teacher gave me a snappy straight line, and I retorted with a witty cultural referenced that crossed a historical allusion with a literary reference.  I don’t remember what it was. I do remember the teacher laughed. The …

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Apr 21

Skip A Day: Remember Prince

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